Domina Hotel Novosibirsk – it is a home when even the walls help. The system of mobile walls is transforming the space for suitable kind of event for each guest. Ergonomic, system of evenly spreading of sound and sound insulation system allows to organize a few events in one assignment at the same time, keeping the atmosphere of each separetely.

  • meeting room – 28 square meters for 20 people
  • 4 separated conference room capacity for 90 people and 90 square meters area
  • may be transformed in two separate hall for up to 240 people and 180 square meters

Family celebration or holiday evening for business partners is ought to be perfect.

We have provided all the details and guarantee:

  • fast and professional service during the event considering special requests (vegetarian menu and another)
  • comfortable accommodation of guests: as banquet in restaurant for 70-100 person as gala-dinner for 200-250 people, presentation equipment for celebration
  • separated wardrobe and welcome area
  • two-levels underground parking

If you are celebrate the wedding with us, we are pleased to suggest (arrange for you)you:

  • room number with beautiful view and romantic decor, sweet gifts from chef for just married    
  • assistance with restaurant decoration, wedding press-wall and many others




Domina Hotel Novosibirsk

Lenina str., 26,
Novosibirsk, Russia


Tel.: +7 (383) 319 85 55
Fax: +7 (383) 319 85 56

Domina Hotel Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, Lenina str., 26

Domina Hotel