Our spaces

Having paid full attention to the advanced ergonomics of space and equipment, Domina Hotel is fully prepared to host occasions of all sizes, and a variety of meeting and conference facilities are available for both social and business events. Moveable walls allow the tailoring of space to suit whatever format meet your needs.

  • A meeting room for up to 13 people (30 m²)
  • Four separate rooms for up to 60 people (each 90 m²). These rooms may be reorganized into:
    Two separate rooms for up to 120 people (180 m²); or
    One large conference room up to 270 people (over 200 m²)

OuWhether you transform change the space, or leave it as is, you will experience the same high-quality sound insulation, natural lighting and technical equipment, which includes:

  • A conference and video conferencing system
  • Broadband Internet Wi-Fi
  • A climate control system
  • LAN segment
  • Organized Cable System

Domina Hotel Novosibirsk

Lenina str., 26,
Novosibirsk, Russia


Tel.: +7 (383) 319 85 55
Fax: +7 (383) 319 85 56

Domina Hotel Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, Lenina str., 26

Domina Hotel