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Conferences - Domina Novosibirsk

Time for Business

The success of any event lies in the details. We provide everything you might need to conduct whatever event.

Ergonomics of the Space

The ergonomic design of our locations and the cutting-edge equipment of the Domina Novosibirsk complement events of any scale. A system of mobile walls gives hosts the opportunity to transform rooms to find the most comfortable configuration for your needs.

Meeting room accommodating up to 20 individuals (30 m2)
Four conference halls accommodating up to 90 individuals (90 m2 each) and able to transform into:
Two separate halls each accommodating up to 240 individuals (180 m2)

Technical Support

Throughout transitions and transformations, the Domina guarantees the same high level of quality in its audio and technical equipment.

Additional Services

Organisers and participants of events are welcome to enjoy our complementary high-speed Wi-Fi and underground parking structure.

Please get in touch with hotel staff if you require the use of a computer or would like to rent a notebook for your event.

We are happy to assist in the proper conducting of your event: Call +7 (383) 362 85 55 or email your inquiry to event.nsk@dominarussia.com.

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