is a home where everything can happen

The stylish Domina Novosibirsk, with its European approach to work and respite, is located in the very heart of Novosibirsk. From the windows of the 11-story building, a panorama opens upon the historic areas of Novosibirsk and the “City” commercial district, home to the offices of many large companies.

Guests are also granted full access to the two-story underground parking structure.

The interior has been crafted by an architectural firm based in the city of Como (Italy) and unites the spaces of the hotel with the idea of the Four Seasons.
Spaciousness, soft background colors, and particular attention to detail manifest themselves in each of the 218 rooms (with extensive opportunities to combine rooms).

Services provided to guests include complimentary high-speed Internet, a fitness center filled with modern equipment, a sauna, and Jacuzzi. Guests of the hotel are greeted by the well-lit winter garden and its live trees. It adjoins the Brera bar, open round-the-clock with 44 seats and a VIP lounge for up to 15 individuals.

On the second floor, the Tartufo restaurant can be found, presenting its multi-faceted take on unique cuisines with original dishes. It is a whole new manner of acquainting oneself with the best traditions of European and Russian, as well as Siberian, gastronomy. The panoramic restaurant seats 67 people, and the kitchen is fully equipped to accommodate social and professional gatherings of all kinds, from small, intimate circles to large-scale galas (up to 230 guests).