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Events at Domina Novosibirsk: a map of opportunities and success

Having paid full attention to the advanced ergonomics of space and equipment, Domina Novosibirsk is fully prepared to host occasions of all sizes, and a variety of meeting and conference facilities are available for both social and business events.

Moveable walls allow the tailoring of space to optimize efficiency, with a maximum capacity just over 200 people.

The newest equipment is also available to facilitate presentations and online streaming.

Offerings for Events:

A meeting room for up to 20 people (30 m²)
Four separate rooms for up to 90 people (each 90 m²).

These rooms may be reorganized into:

Two separate rooms for up to 240 people (180 m²); or
One large room up to 450 people (over 360 m²)

Notebook is available at reception for use by guests.

We await your call and look forward to ensuring you get the most out of your event.

Our event staff can be reached at +7 (383) 319 85 55, or you may direct inquiries to us by email at welcome.nsk@dominarussia.com.

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