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Brera Bar - Domina Novosibirsk

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in Brera and everywhere!

The Stylish Brera Bar, with its rich cocktail menu, provides an atmosphere of bright aperitifs and emotional encounters,
just as you might find in the legendary quarter of Brera, where the dolce vita churns in Milan.
The bar can accommodate up to fifty people and is located on the ground floor.
Leave your car in the underground parking and choose a space in the bar to your liking.

For charismatic types, there is plenty of seating at the sleekly designed bar;
for the romantics, secluded booths in the winter garden.
Adjacent to the bar is the VIP-lounge, with 10-13 seats, is suitable for private negotiations and celebrations.

Start the day with the perfect espresso, brewed in the style of Italian baristas.
In the afternoon, relax with a tasty, hearty antipasto.
In the evening, reward yourself with a unique author’s cocktail or a glass of wine from the lands of the Mediterranean.

Life is good!

Each beverage is paired with its gastronomic accompaniment.
We are happy to advise on which dish from the bar menu bar compliments the flavour of your favourite beverage.


Starters, Salads, Soups, Sandwiches, Desserts, Siberian Table & more...



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